Stylish Cysta Volume 4: Kiss Me I’m Irish (No I Actually Am)

March 17, 2018

Good Morning Lovelies,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!!!! This day represents so many things for me. First of all, I am part Irish! My last name Finn is passed down from my great-grandfather who is full blood Irish….so if you want to kiss me…feel free today virtually! Secondly, it’s my great grandmothers birthday, Flora Hawkins, who is in heaven looking down. She was such a feisty, fashionable, bold, and blunt woman…much like myself. So today’s outfit is dedicated to celebrating her life. As she loves the color green and it’s my all-time favorite color. I know she would approve of the slay. I hope all of you do too!!!! Check the links below to see where to purchase.

Rue 107 Pierre Dress

Project Abayah Jewel

Enjoy your Saturday!!!!

With Love,