Shea Shea Bakery Update

Good Morning Loves,

So I am following up on my post exactly a month ago regarding my skincare trial using Shea Shea Bakery’s skincare kit. My review is I love the charcoal mask and the scar healing oil. The acne mist didn’t really do anything for me and the liquid black soap was a wee bit messy, though the scent was amazing. On my next order, I definitely know that I will be ordering a bar soap instead and

Happy Thanksgiving Loves

Good Afternoon All,

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Today brings mixed feelings for me as I spend my third year alone for this holiday (without my family) but the difference this year is it is the first time I am content with it, because I am sooo thankful for what God is doing in my life. The past two years have been monumental years filled with transformations and life lessons. This Thanksgiving I am blessed and thankful for the new friends, my new job, modeling opportunities, my moms prestine health after her surgery, my sorority sisters, peace, and being single. I know that last one seems odd but from 27-29, I truly fretted about being without a man, baby, my life purpose….but now God has truly brought me to a place of extreme self acceptance and peace. It is always important to be intune with who you are  at all times.

So with that, I hope everyone is having a joyoua and blessed day!
With Love,


UnWrap Me Under The Tree Part 1: Lingerie Edition with Torrid

Good Morning Lovelies!!!!

So this month has been rough as I have been battling extreme fatigue so I haven’t been posting regularly because I have been exhausted beyond belief (that post will come later this week). However, today is all about curvy girls lingerie for play with Torrid. With it being cold outside, may as well heat it up indoors with your significant other. Here are my top choices for this cuddle season :). Click the links below each picture to get full purchase details!

Strappy Lace & Mesh Chemise

Strappy Mesh Lace Long Line Bralette & High Waist Panty

Lace & Mesh Long Line Bralette

Plaid Crop Lace Bralette & Hipster Panty

Strappy Lace Bralette

Strappy Lace Long Line Bra and Half Slip

Satin Robe

Microfiber Lace & Fishnet Chemise

Lace & Mesh Strappy Halter Bralette

Mesh & Lace Halter Bralette

Torrid Trim Lace Bralette




Crush on Me Velvet

Good Afternoon Loves!!!

So Holiday Party Season is around the corner and time to glam up that evening wear. Well, what better fabric to do that in than velvet (my personal holiday favorite). Below is me pictured in a floor length velvet gown from that made its debut in 2014.


However, do not fret loves…below are some of my top velvet pieces for this holiday season. Enjoy!!!!

Aries Dress found on $98.00 on
Asos Premium Wrap Top $73.00 on
Asos Elba Wide Fit Bootie $58.00 at
$181.00 for the Red Carpet Collection at
Blair Skirt and Top $58.00 each on
Boohoo Velvet Bootie $62.00 at
Asos Batwing Crushed Velvet Dress $55.00
Club L Velvet Dress $52.00
Club L Plus Wrap Front Velvet Mini Dress $46.00
Elvie Velvet Trench $164.00 at
Missguided Wraped Heel $60.00 on
One Day Plus Velvet Funnel Neck Knit $46.00
ASOS CURVE Premium Velvet Contrast Midi Dress With Kimono Sleeve $83.00
Missguided Tieback Block Heel $68.00
Studio Velvet Cropped Pants $89.90
Studio Velvet Capelet Jacket $129.90 at

It’s November 1st: Fitness Challenge Two Begins

Good Morning Loves!!!

So October has now come to a close and it is time for another challenge. Last Month the challenge was to try and go to the gym 5 days a week….. and although I wasn’t perfect. I will say for half the month I went 5 days and the second half on average 3 to 4 days once I git busy. As you see there is a slight difference from that work. This month I want to step it up another notch and add doing 100 planks and 100 push-ups a week. Now I know that seems simple enough, because you can do between 10 to 15 a day, but for someone like me who hates both of those exercises…… it will be a challenge. I also have learned setting small realistic goals in fitness will increase your success. Today, I have already completed my 20 push-ups, and have planks left. My goal at the end of the month is to see if there will be an increase in my upper body strength (my ultimate area of weaknesses).

As for the planks, it has often been stated that this is one of the best exercises for the midsection….. which for me is my trouble area. I wanted to add this challenge to see if I begin to see a small difference in  that area. I am really excited about this challenge as these small changes are keeping me motivated. I hope you guys join me!!!!  After all who doesn’t want to look great before Thanksgiving?#HappyGymming