UnWrap Me: Lingerie Part II

Good Afternoon Loves,

As promised, I bring to you my second segment for plus size sex appeal with Lashesnlace.com.  Below are some of my favorite selections to keep things spicy during these cool months!!!! I hope You Enjoy:

Truth $49.95
Alexia $54.95
Love Of My Life $42.95
Rita $62.95
Niecy $56.95
Taylor $64.95
Cassie $47.95
Sherry $46.95
Athena $69.95
Loreene $49.95
Seonna $43.95
Claudia $65.95
Nariah $44.95
Dulcie $29.95

Winter Chap Attack: Top Lip balms to beat the winter

Good Morning Loves,

So it is officially winter (I actually wiped snow dust from my car this morning) and you know what that means; CHAPPED LIPS! You guessed it! With me having full lips, its even harder at times because I feel like my lips are always more susceptible to drying out. However, after research, I share below with you the top 10 lip balms that will get you through this dry season:

Crafted from mostly plant-based ingredients (shea butter! essential oils! argan and jojoba!), the Love + Sage lip balms are super softening for lips and don't contain any synthetic toxins or fragrances.$12; loveandsagenyc.com.
Minty Salve by $12.00 loveandsagenyc.com
This beloved Philosophy lip quencher can also double as an overnight mask, since it's meant to repair lip wrinkles, intense splitting situations (ouch), and dryness. It's subtly scented, too, so you'll go to bed happy. Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy, $21; philosophy.com.
Kiss Me Tongiht by Philosophy at $21.00 sephora.com




Go on vacay year-round with this coconut-scented lip balm. The natural product relies on coconut oil instead of petroleum to deliver the moisturizing magic that *only* coconut oil can. Yes to Coconuts Naturally Smooth Lip Balm, $3; target.com.
Yesto Coconut Lip balm at $3.00 target.com
Because I am addicted to lip-dessicating red lipstick, I have tried virtually every balm imaginable—and this is the only one that really delivers (meaning: it's not too slimy, it doesn't smell of menthol or fruit, and it works equally well as a lipstick primer or smoothing topper). Enriched with rose oil, vitamins, and shea butter, it moisturizes like nothing else I've ever tried. And yes, it costs $30. But hey, it's pink, it comes in a chic white container, it provides SPF 10, and it smells like rose heaven. As indulgences go, completely worth it. — April Long, Executive Beauty EditorDior Crème De Rose Soothing Plumping Lip Balm, $30; sephora.com
Dior Creme De Rose Soothing Plumping Lip balm $30.00 at sephora.com
We like the unconventional shape of EOS' spherical lip balms because they're much easier to locate in a bottomless hand bag. The Kardashian beauty favorite boasts an organic blend of antioxidants and pampering shea butter and oils, too, for a spa-worthy lip treatment. EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm, $3; amazon.com.
EOS available at your local drugstore or grocery store $3.00
When lips need a major rescue effort, swipe on Superbalm for immediate hydration and healing. Superbalm Lip Treatment, $16.50, Clinique
Clinique Superbalm $16.50 at sephora.com, ulta.com, and department stores
Beyoncé loves using Smith's retro rosebud salve to prime her lashes, and it's the multi-purpose appeal  of the balm that makes it a celebrity and makeup artist favorite. Use the subtly tinted salve to keep stray eyebrows in place or use as a moisturizing blush for some extra glow. Smith's Rosebud Salve, $6; sephora.com.
Rosebud Salve $6.00 at Sephora.com
Yes this stuff smells vaguely medicinal; yes its color scheme is somewhat cafeteria-linoleum-theme; yes its overall look is more suited to granny's pocketbook than chic tote. I don't care. This stuff is a miracle balm. It's the best defense against the polar vortex and the best salve for the summer sun. — Chloe Schama, ELLE.com Executive EditorBlistex Mediucated Conditioning SPF 20 Daily Lip Treatment, $2; bedbathandbeyond.com
Blistex Medicated Daily Lip Treatment $2.00 at select drugstores
This may be the grandma of all lip balms. It doesn't have a cute or clever name, or esthetically pleasing packaging, but it has been a staple since day one, as I was reminded by my mother. She used to use it as a diaper ointment or for any skin issue I had as a child; it's both mild and effective. I have made the mistake of buying Aquaphor's "lip repair" which for whatever reason doesn't quite cut it. Aside from the tub that I keep next to my bed, I think I have one of these guys in every other coat pocket and bag I own. — Mariel Tyler, ELLE.com Photo EditorEucerin Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment, $5; amazon.com
Aquaphor Healing Ointment $5.00 at target.com


December’s Challenge: Meatless Sundays

Good Evening Loves,

So continuing into my new tradition of doing monthly challenges, this month is all about limiting meat consumption. With my pcos, I am required to eat a high protein diet but I am constantly on a search for meatless alternatives to achieve optimal health. This month, I wanted to incorporate doing meatless meals. The only exception I will allow is eggs or egg whites on your Meatless day. I hope you guys are enjoying these challenges as much as I am. 

Love Always,