August 19, 2016

Hello Everyone!!!!

I have been diligently working for days designing, filtering through photos, looking at content and figuring just how I wanted to portray my vision to the world. Finally, after many months of going back and forth, I present to you, Cystum of Curves; a blog focused on being body positive, spiritual, glamorous, and fearless.  For years, I have gone in and out with the idea of being a blogger. Partially because it takes lots of work, the other just mere fear of not having enough to say. However, over the past year in a half, the insatiable need (yes need, not want) to become apart of the blogger world has finally won me over.

I truly know that my purpose for this lifetime is to inspire women, men, and children to live limitless. I am an advocate for dream attainment, self worth, and more importantly, spiritual growth. I thank all of those who have pushed me  and motivated me on my model journey to take my walk a step further. With your encouragement, I am finally ready to share my voice with the world. I sincerely hope that my blog not only enlightens you, but genuinely pushes you to truly go after all you dream of becoming!

With Love,


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