Circa 31: Lessons and Blessings (Day 2)

December 13, 2017

Good Evening Lovelies,

What a day I had today!!!! So much so, that the second day of my LoLoisms is a bit delayed, but nonetheless, still ready to share.

1. Know your circle and then know when to make deletions.

This was an incredibly successful year for me professionally, however, it didn’t come without its challenges. Particularly, when it came to truly aligning myself with the right mix of people for my brand. It is okay to outgrow people and mix up your team to reach the optimal success. My goals in modeling/blogging and professionally definitely require that I continuously align myself with individuals who are focused on growing into the best they possibly can be.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail in love. It helps you identify your flaws and reaffirm your needs.

Dating has always been a tough area in my life. As I presented during Day 1, I’ve dated a continuous string of ass-holes. However, I realized that the issue was with me spiritually. I felt inadequate and broken in many areas within, and as a result, kept attracting men to me that mirrored my flaws. Two individuals broken in the same places can’t begin to nurture areas in one another that yearn for healing.

I realized that in order for me to attract what I need in a significant other, I essentially had to allow God to strengthen my heart and to heal those areas of doubt and emptiness. I needed to not feel open and vulnerable to take in just any and everyone looking for love. I naturally am a giver (it’s my gift) and I tend to want to love on people that suffer the way I was, thinking that if I showed them what love could feel like, they would reciprocate. That rationale was very limited and resulted in lots of hurt feelings.

However, the blessing in all of the let downs was finally coming to a place of acknowledgement and admitting where I needed to improve. I was also able to establish my complete needs by receiving everything I didn’t want. Failure or let downs are a beautiful place to grow from.

3. Your walk is completely different than the next person, so don’t be afraid to share information with others.

So often we are taught not to give away our secrets to success and tricks to winning at life. Although I agree, you shouldn’t give away everything, you also shouldn’t be afraid to assist someone else’s dream. This year,I truly understood that God’s mission for me is uniquely my own and He has a separate blueprint for me to get there. I don’t have to be afraid of sharing certain information with others because my path is predestined and no one can take that away from me. When you get to a place of unwavering faith in your purpose, competition doesn’t exist because you’re so focused on self improvement and operating in your gift. Therefore, sharing information doesn’t impact your placement in the race because you see your neighbor as a peer and not competition.

Well that is it for day 2, one more day Lessons and Blessings!



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