Stylish Cysta Volume 24: I Got The Blues

Hello Loves!

Let me by honest…. the past few weeks I’ve been down. The moment I started embarking on my new health journey, it seemed like the carpet of my life was snatched from under me. Between my job, my knee all of sudden getting stuff, and other personal life trials….I hadn’t been feeling like doing much but crying and eating a pint of ice cream daily.

However, in life you really gave two options: To Dwell or Excel. It’s a blessing to live and keep having a new day to make the best of. Our time is limited and you just never know which day will be your last. So instead of just feeling blue, I decided to wear wear it instead with this cute number from I typically shy away from sheath cut dresses because of the my wide hips and tummy area but like I mentioned, life is too short to live bound up. I’m wearing a 4X here in this look.

If you love it, make sure you shop it today at this link:

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Look, life is always a reflection of that you make it. Take it from me, lemons can be sour or sweet. So this week find a way to flip your blues into positivity.