Wisdom Wednesdays: Let the Past be THE PAST

Good Morning Loves,

It’s May and I’m so excited for the warmer weather and just the rebirth of all the flowers and greenery sprouting. Additionally, I am super excited for the new direction I will be taking with my blog so definitely stay tuned starting this week for more upcoming changes. To start, I will definitely be sharing more of my wisdom moments and life experiences on the Wisdom Wednesday’s….with today’s topic being Let the Past Be the Past.

You may be thinking I’m speaking on forgiveness but in this instance I’m speaking on allowing negative people or individuals that are limited in their growth (which directly slows down your personal growth) from re-entering your life. I know in a perfect world, we like to think people have the capacity to change and most of us truly believe we have changed when in reality….many people do not slow down enough to truly reflect on their flaws enough to work on them. I’m more so speaking on personality flaws rather than other flaws, because it is much harder to accept that something that we’ve grown to become could be considered flawed to someone else. The reality is, many adults don’t change and even if the start of a rekindled relationship seems different 9 times out of 10 the very reason the relationship ended in the first place begins to resurface.

I recently just endured this, because my heart wanted to believe that this individual had become a greater person and evolved from the immaturity they once were. However in just a few short months, I was swiftly reminded of every single reason I didn’t allow this person to remain a constant energy in my aura. Not only do I feel like I’ve wasted time, I feel insulted that I truly gave this person a chance to prove me wrong. Sometimes as women we have to learn to stop breaking our own hearts by reopening doors God intended to close. It’s okay to place a deadbolt on a relationship without feeling guilty. Not allowing someone to exist in your present is not a sign of unforgiving it’s a sign of moving forward in your growth. Let Go and Let Grow. Enjoy your day loves.



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