Breast Cancer, Obesity, and My 365 Challenge

Hello Loves,

So it is the Mighty Month of October!!!! Meaning it is Time to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness and continue to fight for the cure and promote wellness  for all women.  Now, as a woman of color, and statistically at a higher risk for breast cancer, I took this time to research links, causes, and ways to eliminate risks. However, contrary to what many may think, Obesity actually reduces your risk for breast cancer prior to menopause and increases the risk after menopause.  Unfortunately, another aspect of my research revealed that  PCOS actually increases my risks for other types of cancers due to my hormonal imbalance, excess weight, and insulin resistance. More specifically, thyroid cancer and endometrial cancer, along with diabetes and higher risks for strokes and cardiovascular issues. Of course, after reading all of this, I knew that my days of being hot and cold with my health was over. Now that I am 30 years old, I know that things within my body are going to slow down and it will become harder to attain my ideal health if I don’t start now.  With the encouragement of my love and my wanting of a healthier overall lifestyle, I started a 365 challenge with him. We both want to be at our healthiest for one another, but more importantly I need an accountability partner and he offered to be it.

Our current challenge is that in one year, I have to reach losing 25% of my body weight or I’ll have to be at his beck and call for 30 days. Seems like that isn’t a huge incentive, but if you knew him, it will be a tortuous situation. I decided to step it up a notch and give myself monthly challenges to push my competitive spirit to the max . So this month is all about working out 5 days a week for 30 days.  Seems easy right? No! Of course its not when you may tell yourself “Oh I worked out once this week, I’m great”. That is usually my inner coping mechanism, but I realized that if I’m going to be healthy, I can’t afford once a week and be okay. I invite all to join me because I want all my curvy divas to push towards health while maintaining the curves. The first step I took was buying a calendar on my fridge and mapping out my workout schedule and crossing off days once I achieve the workout. It is almost like a mini celebration every time I get to put an ‘x’ on a day. My second step is just really looking at my model crushes and remembering that I want to be in that phase of my career by next year. I spoke on this on my Snapchat and I will share it here “Being a Plus Model also has standard sizes and is not the same as the Body Positive movement, although size acceptance is still encouraged in the industry”. The standard size for plus size models who work is between size 10 to 14/16.  I currently am 4 dress sizes above being where I need to be to feel like I can truly be able to live out my dreams.

So with that said, I invite all to help me achieve my goals while you reach your own. Each month I will put up a monthly challenge to keep everyone focused. I look forward to receiving feedback and your honest opinions on the challenges I post.

With Love,




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