2nd Annual Crusade of Curves Unplugged

April 9, 2018

Good  Afternoon Lovelies,

Well as you know this past weekend, April 5th – 8th, I attended Crusade of Curves, North Carolina’s premiere fashion showcase and plus size experience.  Let me start off by saying, IT WAS AMAZING, and no that is not me being dramatic, literally IT WAS AMAZING.  Nothing is more powerful and encouraging than being surrounded by like-minded individuals uplifting, encouraging, and pursuing the same mission: Making Sure the Curvy Community Continues to Thrive. I was sad that I couldn’t attend every event this weekend, but the events that I did participate in, did not disappoint in the least bit!

I arrived Friday to attend the Curvy Connect Art and Fashion Guest Hosted by Faith Costsa, who not only is a model, but a fabulous artist (Check out the artwork I purchased below). This event definitely set the tone for a uplifting and positive experience. Curvy entrepreneurs, influencers, models, designers, stylist photographers, and more mingled and networked creating new relationships and even greater business to be built.  I personally enjoyed this event because I was able to meet some dope people that I had been lurking and stalking via social media for some time! Another wonderful addition was the amount of Big and Tall Men in the building supporting and showcasing their many talents. If you know me than you know that this  is one area that I am in full support of completely. Having all brothers of varying sizes, I have always wanted to see more diversity in fashion for men of size. I feel that men, just as women, deserve to walk into stores or online and see and array of fashionable options full of color play, patterns, textures, that speak to current trends. So seeing more men step out and support and participate definitely makes me proud!!!



Saturday was so powerful!!!! The Plus Panel Moderated by Latoya Wright aka “The Fat Girl of Fashion” was incredible.  Let’s begin by introducing the array of influence that was present for the panel: Ashontay Hubbard, CEO of Christian Omeshun, Alex Kairington, Plus Model Entreprenuer, Malia Indigo, CEO of the Malia Indigo Corporation, Gwen Devoe, Executive Producer of Full Figured Fashion Week, Kirklan Hawes, Founder of XL Tribe, Zakiyah Caldwell, Owner of Caldwell Photography, Debbie Shannon, Miss Plus America, and Delma Woods, Owner and CEO of Del Woods Modeling Agency LLC. This panel gave you nothing but transparency and honesty on their journeys and tips into finding your niche and purpose within the plus-size industry.  In short, it takes integrity, hard-work, determination, and innovation to really be a success and be a true impact for the change that’s needed. Additionally, above all things, it takes adequate education, investment, and of course remaining positive during the transitions that occur while you pursue your purpose. Of course many people may feel like they’ve heard all of this before, but hey it’s different hearing it from those who are WINNING and continuously KILLING IT in the curvy community.  After the panel, I can’t even get into the fabulous vendors and VIP cocktail hour that got everyone in the building hype and anticipating the night of fashion that awaits. I wish I could have captured it all, but checkout this short video of the greatness that you missed!!!!  Until next time….


2nd Annual Crusade of Curves Recap




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    Bianca Word
    April 9, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    Love this. The event looked very uplifting and I definitely enjoyed your footage on social media.

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      April 11, 2018 at 4:22 am

      Thank you so much 🙁

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    Siporia Richards
    April 10, 2018 at 2:03 am

    It was great seeing you there Lorna. Definitely a great weekend full of fun and uplifting events

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    April 11, 2018 at 4:23 am

    Thank you so much love!!!!

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