Fenty Fever

September 21, 2017


Good Evening Lovelies,

So of course this review is long overdue (well two days to be exact) for Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s self-owned cosmetic line. Before I dive into the products I purchased, I want to take a moment to highlight that this is MONUMENTAL for women of color!!! Not only in the areas of entrepreneurship, but in being able to have options that truly represent all shades of beauty. The Fenty Beauty Line offers 40 shades overall, but most importantly, 10 shades for the brown girls. In most makeup lines you barely see 5 shades in deep tones, so this offering definitely is promising.  Secondly,  Rihanna is the second female other than Iman to develop her own makeup line not affiliated under other major cosmetic powerhouses such as Covergirl, Loreal, and Revlon.

NOW….on to my review of the products that I purchased…


Many items were sold out (including my foundation shade, but they had enough to give me a sample) at Sephora and online but I managed to walk away with a few products:

  1. Pro Filt’r  Soft Matte Primer
  2. Killawatt Freestyle highlighter in Trophy Wife
  3. Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzer
  4. Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Suede
  5. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shade 420

In the picture above I am wearing every item I purchased that day.  Honestly, overall, I am mostly in love with the primer and match stix matte skinstick!!!! This primer is comparable to Smashbox and when I tell you my face remained intact for 6 hours straight of being outside in the muggy weekend weather, my face stayed in place!!!! As much as I love makeup and color, I adore good skin prep items to make the finished face look flawless. This primer snatched my pores up and really allowed the makeup to give an airbrushed glow. The skinstick was a gag for me because it melted into my complexion so perfectly. I couldn’t tell I had on anything when I blended it over my blemishes and dark circles.  Why is this important? Well,  I don’t always like to wear a full face of makeup everyday.  Now, I don’t have to at all.  The match is so perfect, the texture feel like it mimics your skin and literally disappears once blended, so if I’m in a rush, I can just do a dab or two with the skinstick and be on my way.

Let me be very clear, I loved ALL of the products to be honest.  The highlighter is self explanatory, it makes everything light up and give that glow a woman needs. However, I would suggest that you go very light while using it because the product transfers pretty easily, so if you are too heavy with it, you will look like a glittery mess. As for the foundation, I am on the fence with it. The color was definitely a perfect match, the undertones were neutral and Fenty Beauty is the first line that I have tried that understands that there are more undertones than red, blue, and yellow…..some of us are truly neutral.  My only gripe is that it didn’t finish matte on me and made me a wee bit oily all over. Would I buy it though? Yes, because I can see this adding extra moisture during the winter months plus the color match is perfection.  Lastly, the glow bomb gloss….to me is just a gorgeous gloss. There isn’t a negative to say about it and the positive is that this gloss truly does match with any and every complexion.

Overall, I can’t wait for more products to be released….as I’m sure this soft launch was to gauge how successful this line would be up against renowned beauty brands already in Sephora.

Stay Tuned for More Beauty Reviews on ALL the products I love to use to keep my skin photoshoot Ready.

With Love,



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