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Shape Up: Best Body Shapers for Pear Body Types

April 3, 2017

Good Morning Loves,

So I am often asked what type of shapewear do I use for those special occasions, and although I cannot speak for every woman, I can speak for what helps those pear shaped divas out there. I decided to compile a short list of brands and shapewear that I have ACTUALLY used to assist my pear babies on their journey to being snatched under their garments.  This list isn’t limited to pears shapes, but I do know that it really works well with pear shapes. Please click the hyper links, as it will take you directly where you need to go, to purchase each item.

  1. High Waist Miracle Suit – If you have that little kangaroo pouch like myself, this bad boy will sleek it on out making you like you were born with a flat stomach for the gawds. For photoshoots I love to pair her with my squeem, which will be reviewed next. later down the list.
  2. Squeem Waist Cincher – WARNING this garment is not comfortable by any means but if you want to have a slim waist and no back fat under a fitted dress, this is your best friend. However, I do not suggest this for extended wear throughout the day because the boning will squeeze tight against your sides.
  3. Me Moi SlimMe High Waist shapewear – I wore this bad boy in an XL (probably should have gotten an XXL) and it does much better than the spanx brand. I truly love the way it slims the stomach and thighs and contours the waist. I usually don’t like many thigh trimming shapewear combos, but this is one of my favorites.
  4. Shape by Cacique Illusion Open Bust Body Suit – I have to buy another one!!!! However, this is like getting lipo in one step. The price point is a little higher than the other options, but you will not regret it if you want a full body contour to your shape.
  5. Lover Beauty Underbust Corset – Not ready to invest in a squeem, here is the very very suitable alternative. I don’t train my waist, however, if you are interested in doing so, this one is much more comfortable than the squeem for half the cost. Additionally, you will absolutely get that shape you are seeking with this product.
  6. Waist Snatchers Curve’  – I personally have yet to try this one, however, the reviews from women on social media have made me a firm believer that this product is worth the investment. I plan to get one soon and do a full review in a later post.
  7. Spanx Everyday shaping panty – now I’m not a huge fan of most spanx products but I do love these. If you just need a little boost of confidence daily with moderate control, these will be your best friend for my pear shaped women who suffer from a little lower belly bulge (like myself). I swear these keep me feeling my best day in and day out

If you have one that I haven’t listed and think I should try, definitely leave a comment below or on the comments section of the blog.  I hope this list at least gets you started on your way as it definitely assists me on my journey until I can live shaper free. Have a Happy Monday and First Week of April.

With Love,


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